We support your projects in the field of the LED lighting as soon as their design and we are at your side throughout their implemented …
Whether you’re Proponent, Study Desk, Architect, society, industrial, individuals or Artist of the lighting, the requirements and requests of our customers are always our top priority.
We support our partners of cooperation in their lighting projects of any type in bringing them our jurisdiction, our commitment as well as a large expertise.
In working with you, the Head of Mission will analyze your information and will develop a solution of individual lighting on measure for your concept.
You So take advantage of our years of experience and our extensive expertise.
You take advantage of our expertise in particular in the following services:

• Lighting design
• Architectural and professional lighting
• Technical engineering
• Energy engineering and optimization
• LED lighting Suppliers choice, tracking, purchases, quality control,
International logistics
• Product development, engineering, technical support
• Lighting technology engineering
• 3D simulation with visualizations realistic photo
• Overall diagnosis of LED lighting project and strategic lighting solutions presentation
allowing to cope with the constraints Identified in the Diagnosis
• LED Project follow-up
• LED Lighting Applications technical-scientific
• Introduction of LED lighting systems in the technical systems of modern buildings (KNX, DALI, DMX)
• Full LED lighting solutions
• Elaboration of hand-key LED systems
• LED Specific lighting concepts research&development
• LED Lighting concept Simulation
• Special LED lighting Development, animations
• Special LED lamps development

A few services in details,

The Custom Council

Among GTL Design, you are dealing with a person of fixed contact (Head of Mission). You talk directly with our advisors in lighting, who are specialists in their field. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they can help you to find the best solution for your LED lighting.

The study of lighting

On your request, the GTL design specialists, will be a pleasure to carry out a study of lighting. We carefully review with you the wishes and conditions of your project.
In a first time, we develop a concept of LED lighting Generally. Then we proceed to the photometric calculations detailed by type of local. In the AutoCAD software, we draw the luminaires in a construction plan and add the data of the luminaires and the photos of the products and achievements. If you want, we realize a visual presentation attractive of the concept of lighting proposed. A print in three dimensions of the space lit is also possible.
In short: Our lighting studies will help you to choose in full knowledge of the Cause The best solution for lighting, as soon as the design phase.

The financial analysis

For your lighting projects, we can also make a financial analysis. In this case, we compare the total operating costs of the different lighting concepts. We also take into account the influence – of size – systems of management of lighting.
In the case of a renovation, we calculate for you the time for return on investment in a new lighting installation.

The project on Extent
Both in the case of a new construction that a renovation, we must often adapt the lighting to the particular wishes of the customer or the technical requirements of the building. Thanks to the experience of our team of development, we are able to respond easily to all your requests for on measure. We are doing the quick follow up and correct of the whole process: from prototype to luminaire delivered. GTL design has already provided of luminaires suitable for hundreds of projects.

The study of relamping
Each lighting project is unique. That is why GTL design you proposed you many options, allowing you to better organize your relamping with the luminaires corresponding led to the specific requirements of your project:
• Inventory approach and analysis of the existing lighting or to create
• Definition of the parameters of illumination
– Level of illumination means
– Consistency
• Light engineering
– Definition of the products
– Number of luminaires
– Location of luminaires
• Offer of estimated price
• Calculation of return on investment
• Accompaniment in the Achievement
• Setting and adjustment of products
• Selection, Council and definition of ranges of LED products among manufacturers the most competitive in the market at the global level.

The system of Building Management KNX / DALI / DMX

Do you have a system of management of the building and you want to connect your LED lighting?
We are particularly concerned that the choice and or the adaptation of your luminaires can easily communicate with your management system. In addition, preliminary or, in the specifications , our priority mission is to assist our clients in the definition of the needs and features.
In partnership with the various stakeholders such as, Architects, Offices of Technical Studies, decorators, landscapers, businesses of fluids and of electricity…. We are moving in the best technical decisions in order to optimize the equipment, the costs of execution and exploitation of intelligent installations. We realize a set of technical parts and graphics having for object to define clearly the solutions chosen and facilitate communication and coordination between the multiple stakeholders to be able to put in value each of your spaces of a resort hotel, a commercial center, an industrial site or a private residence.
You want to install a system of management of the building and you want to connect your LED lighting?
We propose you the study and the achievement of the technical documents required for the implementation of a solution EIB/KNX or DALI such as:
• Descriptive – Specifications
• Financial estimate
• wiring Patterns
• Networks nomenclatures
• Multifillaires diagrams
• Wiring diagrams of implantation
• Follow-up of installation
• Programming
• Remote maintenance

The study of Sustainable Development
• Reduce emissions of CO2
• Register in standards ISO 14 001 and 50 000 (environmental management)
• Knowledge of its carbon impact

The study of the Budget
• Reduce energy bills
• Reduce the costs of maintenance and supplies of lighting with a longer life
• Improvement of the use and usefulness

The implementation of the improvement of working conditions
• Improve the comfort and the work of the employees by the quality of the light diffused
• Improve productivity
• The consequences on the lighting in the broad sense

The lines of innovation and aesthetics
• New ways of projecting the light
• Modification of the architectures of buildings
• New networks for the distribution of energy

Interaction studies with the environment
• Creation of gateways between the health and the light
• Concentration, sleep, ….
• Integration of new features
• Interaction with human activities (lighting fixtures of streets, ambient temperature, home of the public…)

The advice of Upgrading to standards
• Integrate the conformity to the latest standards for electrical safety, security biological photo in62471, security magnetic fields for the people in62493.
• Advise to standards compliant products electromagnetic including taking care of the electrical network is a set of the proposed products that meet the requirements of safety biological photo, and protection of the man against the electromagnetic fields.

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